Good Times Never Seemed So Good

Where it began?  I can’t begin to know when.  But then I know it’s going strong. 
Ok, I might know where it began.  It began today.  Today marks the birth of my blog.  And while it might not be going strong today, I hope I can say with the most certainty that it’s going strong in the near future.

Was in the spring, and spring became a summer.  Who’d have believed you’d come along?
Spring has turned into summer, and with summer comes a new inspiration.  I never thought I would have the nerve to do this, but I can’t wait to have the opportunity to write and share and grow.

Hands touching hands, reaching out, touching me, touching you.  
And I hope that through this I can share what I know and learn from others.  I hope that I can start some great conversations and connect with some smart people.  And together we can learn and grow.

Sweet Caroline,  (BUM BUM BUM) good times never seemed so good (SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD).  I’ve been inclined (BUM BUM BUM) to believe it never would.  
So here I am, one of many Sweet Caroline’s in the world.  I’m not exactly Caroline Kennedy (the inspiration for the Neil Diamond song), but I am a Caroline all my own.  I’m not a Red Sox fan.  I can’t even say that I like baseball.  I’m more of a football girl.  I have a very positive outlook on life and a perpetually inquisitive mind.  I can’t help but smile and really relate to Buddy the Elf.  “Smiling’s my favorite.”

I am a self-proclaimed nostalgic and love old cinema.  I have probably watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s 100 times, and my Netflix recently watched consists of actors who have died.  At the same time, I love to follow all things new.  Whether fashion or food, movies or books, or just the trends of the day, I like to know what is new in the world.

What can I promise you for the future of this blog?  I promise you interesting perspectives and commentary on trends of today and yesterday.  We live in a culture of ADD and information overload.  I feel no qualms in being true to the times.

So welcome!  It’s a pleasure to see you and I can’t wait to get to know you better!

With love,
Sweetest Caroline


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